Nutrapet Tofu Snowflake Clumping Cat Litter Lavender - 7 Liters

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  • 100% Natural Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly Soybean Cat Litter. 
  • Mildly scented which is safe for your cat.
  • Absorbs moisture up to three times more, making it an outstanding liquid absorber.
  • Comes with a quick clumping formula causes it to clump when it comes into touch with liquid.
  • Protects your cat and litter box against toxic ammonia and urine odor while being flushable, lightweight, and simple to scoop. 

ONLYTOFUTM CLUMPING LITTER is made from natural food-grade soybean, which is safe for kittens, cats, and humans. The product is 100% free from synthetic chemicals and colours. Together with your support we can make this planet a sustainable place for our future generations.

QUICK CLUMPING Creates scoopable clumps after use. ECO FRIENDLY Produced using organic, biodegradable soybean. SCOOP & FLUSH Flush in small Quantities DUST FREE Consequently, you won't inhale dust or clean it up. 

NON TOXIC & SAFE Safe for humans, cats, and kittens with no additional chemicals ODOUR CONTROL Within five minutes, eliminate odors successfully SUITABLE FOR ALL LIFE STAGES Senior cats, adults, and kittens SOFT & GENTLE ON PAWS Suitable for kitties with delicate paws NO TRACKING cleaner and paw-friendly.

Fill Clean Litter Box with 3-4 inches of litter. Scoop daily to remove clumps and solid waste. Periodically, discard litter, wash litter box with mild detergent, dry, refill.

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