Our core principle with the Waterbox Crystal range was to provide a decorative aquarium to create virtually any type of saltwater or reef aquarium environment. The Waterbox Aquariums™ approach to Aquarium keeping is simple and allows users to work with the technology they love by offering a Marine or Reef Ready Aquarium. The Waterbox owner then chooses which lighting, circulation and filtration best suits the type of aquarium they are creating.  

Rimless 15-19mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass

Starphire  Ultra-Clear™ glass with the highest quality silicone and crisp edges. No sloppy corner silicone here. Each aquarium is water tested, polished and inspected before it is brought to market.

Overflow Box with Dual Return Nozzles

All Waterbox Platinum systems feature dual return’s which will help to prevent dead areas within your aquarium. Flow is one of the most important aspects to keep your aquarium healthy and pristine.

Marine Spec UV Coated cabinets with dual entry doors

Dual entry doors allows access to equipment and sump under the tank from both sides of the aquarium.


·         Dual Manifold

Each Crystal Series features a dual manifold pre-plumbed into the system which can be used to add popular reactors to your aquarium without the need for extra pumps and tubes.

·         Dual adjustable overflow returns

·         Precision gate valve

·         Safety drain

·         Whisper quiet overflow design

·         No gluing required

·         Flexible return pipe

·         Quick disconnect unions

·         Refugium ready

·         Removable divider wall allows users to build in a refugium into their aquarium or divide their sump for alternate uses.

·         2. Quad 4” Filter Bags

·         Our Crystal Series tanks boast 4 x 4″ filter socks to keep your water quality pristine at all times.

·         3. Large Auto Top Off Reservoir

·         Each Crystal Series aquarium includes a Evaporation Reservoir built into the sump and our large 6′ tank includes a 15.9 Gallon additional reservoir for auto top off water.


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Water Box Crystal PENINSULA 5526+ Cabinet- L 140CM X W 65CM X W 60CM-WHITE

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