Kitty care – How to take care of your cat

For those who love a quiet companion that demands minimal fuss, cats are the popular choice of pets. The felines keep a home cheerful and gay with their playful activities, and are generally devoted in keeping themselves clean. But for their happiness and wellbeing, you need the best cat shop in Dubai to help you out. Their healthy diet, timely grooming, hygiene as well as activities play equally important roles in their long and healthy life.

Our pet shop in Dubai offers you the best products for cats – accessories, food and grooming services. A choice of dry food for cats that feed throughout the day, cat treats as rewards for good behavior and wet food with its high moisture content are available at our online as well as physical store. Grain-free treats, moist treats and the most popular catnip are the most popular cat treats today. Cat toys like cat brain games, scratch toys, cat wands and teasers are some that would make your time with your pet more fun-filled and enjoyable for both.

The best cat accessories in Dubai, cat litter accessories and cat supplies available at our pet shop would help you train your pet properly, maintaining hygiene and convenience. There are cat scratchers available – the best option to take if you do not want your best furniture covered with scratches. Cat feeders enable them to dine in style and keep them well fed, and some products like cat repellants would help prevent your pet from wandering into unwanted zones of your home.

Last but not the least, regular cat grooming is what would assure you a healthy and lively pet. Cat grooming does not just involve regular cleaning and baths, but also sheds importance in keeping its nails trimmed, checking its coat for flea and ticks, and brushing its fur regularly to keep it shining and smooth. Not to mention how happy your pet would be if you brush its coat more than often! If you wish for assistance in cat grooming in Dubai, our handlers at Pet Corner would be more than happy to render their expertise.