Tank Maintenance

If you need help with fish tank maintenance, set up, or installation Pet Corner is simply the best professional aquarium services and fish tank maintenance provider in the area. We specialize in saltwater coral reefs, saltwater fish, and freshwater systems. Our professional aquarium maintenance programs are second to none, as we always go the extra mile to ensure that your aquarium is healthy and operating at its optimum potential. Our number one goal is your satisfaction, so we will always give you honest educated answers to all of your aquarium concerns. We also provide the best products known to the trade, along with healthy fish, corals, and invertebrates. Contact us today at to set up an appointment or to place an order. Your aquarium and fish will thank you for it.


Pet Corner is the premier aquarium service and fish tank maintenance company in the area. No job is too big or too small. We take pride in providing friendly reliable aquarium service to all of our customers. With over 15 years of knowledge and experience behind us, so you can be certain that your prize aquarium will be in good hands. We care for a wide variety of aquarium systems including saltwater living reef, saltwater fish-only and freshwater systems. Once you contact us, you will know that we are the best company for the job.


Most people do not know that successful aquariums begin with the set up and design. So many of our customers have purchased aquarium systems that were destined to fail, by no fault of their own, due to poorly designed aquariums based on advice from inexperienced and unreliable sources. Pet Corner will design an aquarium system that will give you the best chance at success. We only use the best aquarium products in the industry. Every element of your aquarium is precisely calculated to ensure that you will get the best aquarium that your budget will allow. Success starts with Pet Corner. Contact us to get the aquarium of your dreams.

Set Up & Relocation

If you need help with the set-up or installation of an aquarium, look no further. We will take the guess work out of setting up a new aquarium. We can also evaluate your inventory and recommend necessary additions to make your aquarium run as efficiently as possible. If you are in the process of moving and do not wish to tackle the nightmare job of breaking down and re-setting up your aquarium, no problem! Pet Corner is here for you. Great care is taken to ensure that your aquatic animals deal with as little stress as possible. Contact us to help get your new or existing aquarium up and running.

Livestock, Supplies & Delivery

Pet Corner provides some of the healthiest aquatic animals available. We have over a dozen different high quality reputable livestock suppliers to choose from. Many of our animals are MAC certified, meaning that they were captured with the strictest standards. This helps to ensure that these animals deal with as little stress as possible, which translates into healthier animals for your aquarium. We also pride ourselves on supplying the best products available on the market. Although cheaper, lesser quality products may save you some money today, but they ultimately cost you more in the end. Your pets and investment deserve the best. To make things a little more convenient for you, we offer free delivery. So whether it is a fish, salt, food, or some miscellaneous item, you can have it delivered to you. Contact us today to place an order.


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