Doggy schedules – Taking care of your dog

Dog is certainly the man’s best friend. It’s enough for the love that shines in those puppy eyes to brighten up your day. But you have to admit; having a dog sure has its shortcomings – messy house, mangled slippers, dog hair everywhere and what not. With proper care, the right training and perfect dog accessories at a good dog shop in Dubai, you can minimize all that trouble. 

Our pet shop is one of the most popular stops for dog supplies – be it for healthy dietary supplements, dog toys, dog accessories as well as the best facilities for dog grooming in Dubai. Taking care of your dog’s nutritional supplements are our wide range of dry and wet dog food, each of which can be chosen according to various requirements and at the best prices. Dog chews and treats like raw-hide chews, grain-free, etc. may help stop your hyperactive friend from chewing up your favorite shoes and cushions!

A wide range of dog accessories in Dubai are available at our pet shop as well as online store. Buy your dog his own special dog bed, cushions and toys. Stylish and innovative dog feeders, bowls, dog doors, dog fountains, , dog hygiene products and safety blockages – you will find everything and more from the top brands like Drinkwell, Drysafe, Melamine Bowl, Nutrapet and Petsafe at our dog shop in Dubai. Our collection of dog toys and training supplies would help you not only have a great time with your pet, but also would help you train him to be an intelligent companion.

Dog grooming is utmost essential to ensure that your friend has a healthy and long life. At our pet shop in Dubai dog grooming accessories like dog claw scissors, dog brushes, premium shampoo and conditioners, dog wipes, etc. help you maintain its hygiene standards. And healthcare products like dog eye and ear care products, anti-stress care, dog cooling aid, dog dental care, dog digestion supplements, dog joint support, dog skin, wound care as well as flea and tick products assure a comfortable and happy pet life. Book an appointment at our dog shop in Dubai and our efficient staffs would be ever ready to lend their expertise with anything that you need.