• JBL pH-Plus 100 ml

JBL pH-Plus 100 ml

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JBL pH-Plus (formerly Aquakal) for use in fresh and marine water. Mode of action in freshwater: Narural pH-increase by increasing the carbonate hardness (KH). In excessively soft water the carbonate hardness may be raised to nay desired level by adding multiple doses of JBL pH-Plus. Especially recommended, when keeping lake Malawi cichlids. Mode of action in saltwater: Adjusting the carbonate hardness to 10-12° d, the value of natural saltwater, and therefore adjusting the required pH-value to 8,3-8,4.

Application of JBL pH-Plus: outside screwtop: for 15 litres of aquarium water, inside screwtop: for 30 litres of aquarium water
These quantities increase the pH-value (depending on the initial value) by 0.1-0.5 units up to pH 8,5. KH and pH-values ought to be testet about one or two days after adding the substance. Any necessary adjustments may than be made by adding additional quantities. 100 ml are suffiecient for 400 l of water.

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