Natural Treats

Red Barn Mammoth Bone Mini

100% Natural!This meaty femur bone is a delicious way to satisfy your dog's need to chew. Ham Bones ..


Cow Ears 10 pack

Cow Ears (10 pack)Redbarn Cow Ears are a natural, tasty chew for dogs. They have a thin, light textu..


Shank Bone

Shank BoneRedbarn’s Shank Bone is 100 percent real beef bone, a perfect match for your power chewers..


Odor Free 7" Bully Stick

Odor-Free 7" Bully StickRedbarn Bully Sticks are a natural, all-beef chew made from grass-fed cattle..


Odor Free Mini Bully Spring

Odor-Free Mini Bully SpringSmaller stature shouldn’t mean smaller flavor. These bully sticks are odo..


Odor Free 7" Braided Bully Stick

Redbarn’s No Odor Bully Sticks are a natural, single-ingredient dog chew. All of our Odor-Free Bully..


Red Barn Natural Quail Wildwoods Stew Dog Food-Strong Teeth & Bones Formula 13oz

Country of Origin: USA (Made in USA with globally sourced ingredients)Shelf Life: 36 Month..


Red Barn Fetchers (EXPIRY OCT-19)

This highly palatable chew is made with real Redbarn Bully Sticks to ensure superior taste that will..


Red Barn Peanut Butter Filled Horn

Made with real Peanut Butter for irresistible flavor!Redbarn Peanut Butter Filled Horns combine natu..


Red Barn Bully Slices Vanilla (Expiry May-19)



Red Barn Natural Sweet Potato Slices (Expiry Oct-19)

Redbarn Naturals Sweet Potato Slices Dog Treatsare a nutritious, natural treat that your dog will lo..


Red Barn Mini Bully Barbells (Expiry Oct-19)

These natural muscles are braided and then slow roasted in their natural juices. Highly palatable, t..


Red Barn Meaty Knuckle Bone

These are the extremities of the Mammoth Bones that are removed and roasted for long, long lasting e..


Red Barn Filled Hooves Beef

Filled with Tasty Beef Filling! Natural cow hooves are cleaned, trimmed and stuffed with a tasty bee..


Red Barn Large Filled Bone Chicken

White, cut femur bones are stuffed with a wholesome, chicken mixture. The resulting treat couples th..



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