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Blowers and Hair Dryers

Blo I701 Dryer Blaster 007-1

MODEL: PET-007-1 Main feature: Variable air speed: 30m/s-85m/s; Variable air temperature:35..


Blo I703 Dryer Blaster 007-3

MODEL: PET-007-3 Main feature: Variable air speed: 30m/s-85m/s; Variable air temperature:35..


Blo I300 Hot Blaster006s

Variable air speed: 25m/s-50m/s;>Variable air temperature:35~75 ; Max Power:2000W 1000w single ..


Blo I400 Dual Blaster 002-2

MODEL: PET-002 Main feature: Variable air speed : 30m/s-85m/s;air temperature:30~65 Max Pow..


Tetra Goldfish Gold Exotic 250ml 108UK

Premium food for all goldfish.Rich in quality vegetable ingredients and wheatgerm which precisely me..


Tetra Goldfish Gold Growth 250ml 108UK

Premium food for all Goldfish...


Tetra Goldfish Gold Colour 250ml 108UK

Formula rich in Spirulina and Carotenoids to reinforce colors fish naturally. Many fibers, which mak..


Tetra Pond Multi-Mix 1L 12MG

Selected food mixture comprising the best flakes, sticks, wafers and gammarus to meet the feeding re..


Tetra Cichlid Sticks 250ml 48EE

Complete food for large aquarium fish. Feeding instructions: Feed several times a day as much as the..


Tetra Min Baby 66ml 72UK

Baby fish are unable to feed on ordinary sized flakes and granules. TetraMin Baby provides a diet fo..


Tetra Weekend 10 Sticks 72UK

While you are away from home, the Tetra Weekend Fish Food will take care of your fishes These food s..


Tetra RedParrot 1L 12FM

Staple food for Red Parrot has been scientifically developed to meet their specific nutritional need..


Tetra Pleco Tablets 120Tb 72UK

The Tetra Pleco Fish Food Tablets sink quickly to the bottom of the aquarium and can be placed where..


Tetra Tablets TabiMin 120 Tablets 72UK

The optimal, varied nutrition for bottom-feeding and timid fishTablets sink quickly, can be placed w..


TetraMin 500ml 24 ES

TetraMin - carefully selected mix of highly nutritious and functional ingredients with vitamins, min..


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