SmartyKat® Happy Hammock™ Portable Plush Cat Hangout

Sometimes you feel like you need to have a little get away time, bring home this ideal stay-cacation..


SmartyKat® Kitty Camp™ TeePee Cat Toy

Cute crinkle tent gives cats a private placeDangling and detachable feather toy attracts cats to pla..


SmartyKat® Organic Catnip Pouch 0.5 oz. in PDQ

SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip is pure, potent fun! It comes in a 0.5 oz. resealable pouch to en..


SmartyKat® Sweet Greens® 5 oz Seed Pack

"Many veterinarians believe that cats like to nibble on grass and greenery because it adds needed ro..


SmartyKat® Certified Organic Catnip 2 oz Canister

100% certified organic catnip is safe, pure & potent without chemicals, pesticides or fillers2 o..


SmartyKat® Bubble Nip™ 5oz Catnip Bubbles

Catnip infused bubble solution for entertaining catsSafe and non-toxic formula offers a fun way to p..


SmartyKat® Silvervine & Catnip 0.75 oz.

Highlights0.75oz reseal -able pouch to ensure freshnessMore potent than plain catnip & as pure a..


SmartyKat® Silvervine & Catnip 0.5 oz.

Contains an exciting blend of silvervine and catnip. Silvervine, a wild-growing herb foraged in the ..


SmartyKat® Bitty Bows™ Set of 4 Mesh Ball Cat Toys

Smarty Kat Bitty Bows are made with lightweight and chase able mesh for batting and chasing fun. The..


SmartyKat® Skitter Skulls™ Set of 2 Catnip and Silvervine Cat Toys

Smarty Kat Skitter Skulls Die de Los Gatos! This set of 2 burlap 'sugar Skulls' Are bright, adorned ..


SmartyKat® HappyNip™ Pom Pom Player Door Dangler Cat Toy

HighlightsContains Silvervine and catnip, more potent than catnip aloneProduced without chemicals or..


SmartyKat® Fly 'n Frolic™ Door Dangler Catnip and Silvervine Cat Toy

Smarty Kat Fly 'n Frolic Door Dangler Catnip and Silver vine Cat ToyThis silly launch and chase toy ..


SmartyKat® Flamingo Flop™ Feathered Catnip and Silvervine Cat Toy

HighlightsSilly, adorable full of long plush and danglesEncourage your cat's hunting instinctsContai..


SmartyKat® Fringe Frenzy™ Cat Activity Tunnel

Smarty Kat fringe frenzy cat activity Tunnel crinkle, fringe, dangling ribbons, Slinky like open spr..


SmartyKat® Flutter Roller™ Rolling Wheelie with Feathers & Ribbon Cat Chase Toy

Smarty Kat flutter roller rolling wheelie with feathers & ribbon cat chase toy rolls across any ..


SmartyKat® Felty Fun™ Set of 2 Wool Felt & Feather Balls Cat Toys

SmartyKat Felty Fun Set of 2 Wool Felt & Feather Balls Cat Toys, a value pack of 2 toys. Lightwe..


SmartyKat® Tassel and Ball Thwapper Teaser Cat Toy

HighlightsPlush ball that resembles prey is enticing to catsAdded ribbons, jute, and stringProduced ..


SmartyKat® Kolossal Karrot™ Plush Crinkle Cat Kicker Toy with Catnip

Satisfies cats' Hunting instinctFaux fur entices your cat to playCatnip & crinkle sounds to attr..


SmartyKat® Lumber Mouse™ Plush Catnip Cat Toy

Smarty Kat lumber Mouse cat toy long fuzzy beard tickles cats as they playPlush prey-like tail and h..


SmartyKat® Marble Mouse™ Rolling Ball Cat Toy



SmartyKat® Dazzle Dancer™ Disco Unicorn with Felt Cat Toy

Smarty Kat dazzle dancer disco unicorn felt catnip cat toy has crinkle, floppy legs, ribbons, sparkl..


SmartyKat® Tea Teazers™ Set of 2 100% Catnip Filled Cat Toys

Smarty Kat Tea Teazers Set of 2 100% Catnip Filled Cat Toys are large and filled with 100% Certified..


SmartyKat® Fishy Fun™ Crinkle Play Mat Catnip Cat Toy

The SmartyKat Fish Flop Catnip Crinkle Cat Toy is a colorful fish-shaped toy stuffed with pure organ..


SmartyKat® Happy Hotstuff™ Set of 2 Catnip Cat Toys

SmartyKat Happy Hotstuff Catnip Cat Toys, 2 count; Show off your furry friend’s spicy side with Smar..


SmartyKat® Mouse Moods™ - combination of Heart Eyes Wink Tongue Eye Roll Laugh Tears Poop Kiss

Smarty Kat Mouse moods Emoji catnip filled cat toysFun for the whole family! Styles include heart ey..


SmartyKat® Astro Nip™ SpaceKat & Rocket 2 Piece Cat Toy with Feathers and Faux Fur

Felt, feathers, plush, faux fur, ribbons, and dangles keep cats Busy and interestedGreat for pet and..


SmartyKat® Silly Stix™ Set of 3 Pure Catnip Sparklers Cat Toys

Smarty Kat silly Stix set of 3 pure catnip sparklers cat toys in Red, White and Blue fun! Feathers, ..


SmartyKat® Fish Friends™ Set of 3 Crinkle, Feather and Catnip Cat Toys

Satisfies cats' Hunting instinct, natural feathers attract catsMost cats respond to catnip with a bu..


SmartyKat® Feather Chase™ Cat Toy

Swat & chase ball toy encourages exercise and satisfies your cat's natural hunting instinctPeek-..


SmartyKat® Fantasy Frenzy™ Crinkle Unicorn Catnip and Silvervine Cat Toy

Smarty Kat Fantasy Frenzy Crinkle Unicorn Catnip and Silver vine Cat Toy with dangling legs entice c..


SmartyKat® Frisky Flyer™ Feather Wand Cat Toy

Interactive feather wand cat toy that mimics the motion of real birdsReal feathers excite cats; long..


SmartyKat® Mouse Moods™ Set of 2 Emoji Catnip Cat Toys

Pets are our business. Worldwise is committed to creating the best in cat and dog accessories for pe..


SmartyKat® Clever Claws™ Triple Panel Folded Hanging Cat Scratch Mat

Smarty Kat clever claws our reversible hanging scratcher unfolds to convert to floor or furniture Us..


SmartyKat® Super Scratcher X™ Corrugate Cat Scratcher Hammock and Bed

Double-wide corrugated cat scratcher with organic catnip; measures Product Out Of Packaging 18” x 9...


SmartyKat® Super Scratcher Tower™ Corrugate Cat Scratching Post

HighlightsPotent catnip scent is released every time your cat scratchesPromote healthy nail growth a..


SmartyKat® Triple Tower™ Carpeted Cat Scratch Post

Triple Tower: Scratching helps cats stretch, tone muscles and even helps alleviate stress. SmartyKat..


SmartyKat® Super Scratcher Chaise™ Lounge Corrugate Cat Scratcher

Smarty Kat scratch up provides an outlet for scratching, the Instinct to scratch is hard-wired into ..


SmartyKat® Hum Singer™ Humming Bird Electronic Sound Cat Toy

Satisfies cats' Hunting instinctRealistic hummingbird songHas feathers and organic catnip to excite ..


SmartyKat® Hot Pursuit™ Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy

Electronic toy replicates the movements of hidden Prey with moving lights and erratically moving wan..


SmartyKat® Crazy Cruiser™ Rumble Bug Electronic Motion Cat Toy

DescriptionStimulate your furry friend’s natural senses with the SmartyKat Crazy Cruiser Rumble Bug ..


SmartyKat® Twirl & Peek™ Electronic Motion Cat Toy

Helps meet cats' Need for exercise and mental stimulationSpinning motion toy to keep cat engagedUse ..


SmartyKat® Flicker Ball™ Electronic Light Cat Toy

Flicker Ball light toy offers an intriguing spin on the ever popular cat ballTouch-activated light b..


SmartyKat® Crown Comfort™ 17x 17x 9 Round Pet Bed

Crown comfort high-back cat bed features high tufted walls which convey a regal grace befitting your..


SmartyKat® Crinkle Cloud™ Plush Crinkle Cat Mat and Bed

DescriptionShow your furry friend just how much you love her with the SmartyKat Crinkle Cloud Cat Ma..


SmartyKat® ScratchNRelax™ Cat Scratcher Mat and Lounge

Scratching helps cats stretch, tone muscles and even helps alleviate stress. Smarty Kat Scratch Rela..


SmartyKat Smarty Stash

Variety pack of lightweight cat toys includes balls, mesh flingers, raffia teasers, SmartyKat catnip..


SmartyKat Stringfling

Stringfling is a motorized spinning string cat toy. The string tail spins wildly. It encourages acti..



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