• JBL Biotopol Plus 100 ml

JBL Biotopol Plus 100 ml

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Dechlorinator and water conditioner • For countries with high chlorine / chloramine levels. • For initial water with high chlorine content. • Removes harmful chloramine from mains water. • Renders heavy metals such as lead, copper, zinc etc. harmless. Product description JBL Biotopol plus converts tap water immediately and permanently into biotopically suitable aquarium water. With B-complex skin protection factor Use • during water change and new aquarium installation • for the recuperation of fish following disease treatment JBL tip: Partial water changes of approx.20% of the water quantity every 2 weeks, adding Biotopol, promotes the well-beeing of your aquarium fish Problem solutions Measures to eliminate chlorine from tap water 1. Let the water stand for 12 hours and aerate. 2. For low chlorine content (Europe): prepare the water with JBL Biotopol. 3. For high chlorine content (e.g. USA, Japan etc.): prepare the water with Biotopol plus. 4. Pass the water through a bag containing JBL Active Carbon (Carbomec active or ultra

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