Our Team

At Pet Corner, our helpful and experienced team creates a fun and exciting shopping experience for customers and their pets.

The Founders developed a passion for animals at a very young age, when the family moved to Dubai in the early 70. They often brought home rescued cats and dogs. Since then they have always wanted to be involved in the well-being of animals. They also believe that big is not always best, and wanted to create a better pet experience in Dubai, and thus as the motto states - a better pet store not a bigger one.

The Founders has been in the pet industry for over 15 years and love being around animals. They are actively involved in the day-to-day operations and you will often find them working indoors or outdoors, cleaning up or interacting with their pets. They are always at the stores and if not, they are on a mission, either picking up or delivering your pet. Despite being the favorite with customers, employees and pets alike, they are always humble and ready to take on more.


the Pet Corner Princess

Jessica is Pet Corner's resident princess. Pet Corners first puppy, she is so adorable!! She has been helping out customers ever since. She can sniff out the best treats in the store and she's sure to dig in if you want help making a selection.

Vislumindo Beunafe (Bes)

Master Groomer

Although a shy guy, Bes is the best at what he does. He has over 8 years of professional experience in grooming. His patience, resilience and attention to detail always pleases customers. His knowledge of different breeds, their characteristics and requirements are an asset. Bes has the ability to handle both dogs and cats firmly but gently and calms nervous pets.

Reynaldo Tomas (Rey)

Senior Shop Supervisor

Rey is our resident fish expert. He has has over 15 years of experience in building and maintaining ponds, fresh and salt water aquariums. Rey's ability to solve specimen, chemistry and equipment issues has been key to our success in providing excellent customer service. If you need a fish doctor, then he is the man for you.

Reny Bulao (Reny)


Pet Corner welcomed Reny to our grooming team in February 2010. Reny has over 6 years of professional grooming experience and is passionate about well-being of animals. Reny's gentle and caring style and his patience with our beloved pet patrons makes him a perfect fit with our team. A funny and chirpy individual, Reny always creates a fun atmosphere at Pet Corner and makes grooming even more fun.

Sherilyn De Chaves (Che)

Customer Service Specialist

Che is the heart of Pet Corner team and is another new member of the Pet Corner team. Her gentle voice and hands are adored by all pets. Che always ensures that customers get what they are looking for. When she isn't keeping the store organized, you will find her looking after the pets or providing excellent customer service at the register.


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